Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Big Fat Cuban Baby

That's the title to a book I might write in the future. The fact that I DID have a big fat Cuban baby (Kevin weighed 9 lbs) makes it almost seem autobiographical, but I think it has potential. My friend Sybil actually came up with it :)

Of course, I can't write anything new until I finish the revisions on "Church". I got stalled out when I tried to make it into a series. Just like me to think of a series when I haven't even gotten the damn thing published yet, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I'm having to go back and add back all the stuff I'd put in originally because a book has to be as best as you can possibly make it. Plus of course, you know I have to add in some more stuff as well. But at least I'm listening to some good music when I do it. Go check out Colbie Caillat's Coco album. It's awesome.

Next week I'll be off to Cancun with the family. I'm taking my iPOD and my laptop with me and hoping I'll come back with a polished manuscript I can give to my cps.

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