Thursday, June 30, 2011

No More Sagging Middles

Today, I'm over at Romance Divas doing a workshop on sagging middles. Or rather how to avoid them in our stories. If you're not a member of Romance Divas, and you write romance, then why haven't you joined? It's free and a great place to mingle with other writers and learn craft. To get to the workshop, just join (did I already tell you that it's free?) and go to forums, then to Workshops and Conferences, and then to NGTCC (Not Going to Conference Conference).

I'm also at the Stiletto Gang talking voice (busy girl, aren't I?) Since writing that blog, I've learned that Javier Colon has won The Voice. Congratulations, Javier! Dia was my favorite, but you were a close second!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Janet Evanovich tells us what makes a guy hot

Well, shoot. I tried to embed this really great short little video featuring Janet Evanovich (writer of the Stephanie Plum series, in case you didn't know) on what makes a guy hot, but although it will embed, it tells me the video is "unavailable in my region."


Okay, so I'll tell you what she says. What makes a guy hot? Mystery. The less we know about him the better. Agree? Disagree? I think I tend to agree on this one!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beach book giveaway

Today I'm over at Magical Musings where I'll be giving away an autographed copy of Bunco Babes Gone Wild (one of my personal favorite beach reads!) Just leave a comment over there by Monday 2am EST and you'll be entered to win.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A day with Leigh Duncan

This is a picture of the fabulous Leigh Duncan and myself at our book signing at Books-A-Million this past Saturday. Leigh's family was so supportive! She sold out of books, and I didn't do so bad either.

For those of you who might have seen some strange thing (ahem) on my website this past weekend, I'm sure you are probably aware that it certainly wasn't me calling myself names on my own website. I was hacked. Everywhere. All my email accounts, my website, my Facebook, everything. It was my own fault. I was extremely lax with my passwords and internet security. It's taken me days (and endless nights) to fix the problem, but fixed it is and hopefully won't happen again. Thank you to all my friends who called, texted me, etc... to tell me what was happening. At the time I was in Melbourne with my parents and had no internet access, which made the whole thing more frustrating. But enough of that.

I came home late Friday night and woke up early Saturday morning to have breakfast with Leigh and her sister at the Broken Egg. Yum. After that we headed to the Florida Panhandle Romance Writers meeting where Leigh did a great workshop on Deep Dish Critique. A few months ago I joined the STAR (Space Coast Authors of Romance) chapter and was so impressed with them. I asked Leigh to come and explain their method for group critique and she graciously accepted. I really think it's going to do great things for our little capital chapter and am really excited to get going on that.

Thanks, Leigh!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book signing!

I'm off to visit my parents for a couple of days, then it's back to Tally for the weekend. This Saturday, June 18, my fabulous friend and fellow author, Leigh Duncan will be doing a one hour work shop at the Florida Panhandle Romance Writers of America meeting. The presentation will be on "Deep Dish Critique" and will start at ten am. We meet at Julie's Restaurant on Monroe street, so if you live in the north Florida area and thinking of joining the chapter, please stop by!

Later, Leigh and I will head off to Books-A-Million on Thomasville Rd to sign books from 12 noon-2 pm. Leigh will be signing her newest release, The Daddy Catch, and I'll be signing The Boyfriend of the Month Club (and anything else you'd like me to sign!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Laziness, have I ever offended thee?

No, for thou art my constant companion...

I kid you not, this was an actual quote from my high school chemistry teacher, Sister Marlene. She'd say it almost every time I went to the chalk board to work out a chemistry equation (how did she always know to choose the one problem I didn't finish?) Ah, nuns. You gotta love them.

But really, while I'm not lazy (not really) I AM a huge procrastinator. And the longer I put something off, the longer it doesn't get done. I wish there was a pill for that, but alas, at present, I think not. So I'm off this very hot and muggy Saturday morning to get things I've been putting off done. Like getting my next book contract in the mail (yeah, you'd think I would have done that pronto.)

Oh, and pray for the Geraci family today. We woke up this morning to a broken air-conditioner. Not pretty in Florida, folks.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Life's a Beach giveaway!

To celebrate the release of her first novella, Life's a Beach, fellow Girlfriends Book Club author, Malena Lott is holding a contest. To enter a chance to win all the yummy prizes above all you have to do is follow the instructions on her contest link right here.

The Law of Attraction and Karma hit the beach in Malena Lott's humorous first novella about two unlikely friends and their chance - or is it fated? - vacation in Mexico. Avery Stone, a shy, twenty-five year old receptionist believes her vision board is finally manifesting into the life of her dreams. Her handsome older boyfriend has taken her on a luxury beach vacation (pasted in the bottom right hand corner of her vision board) and she's hoping that huge diamond ring will come next. When an older woman, Georgia, returns the sunhat that blew off Avery's head at the airport, the women find they'll be at the same resort and share a cab and an adventure neither of them expected.

Georgia, a forty-year old mother of three girls, is on her second honeymoon, trying to bring back the romance that fizzled out of her stale marriage. Georgia doesn't believe in the Law of Attraction, but she does believe in karma and that good things result from action. With her full Marital Bucket, a shared bucket list between a couple, she's determined to get her life on the right tracks again. The women's paths cross in madcap ways as they discover that what brought them together could change the course of their lives together.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Buckle up!

Yesterday, Mike Geraci was stopped by a cop and got ticketed. Was he speeding? Nope. Did he run a light? Nope. He got a ticket (and a nice hefty little fine) for not wearing his seat belt.

When he called to whine (or rather inform) me about it, I couldn't help but burst out, "Good!"

At first, he was taken aback, but then he got it. At least I hope he did. I can't tell you how many times I've nagged him about wearing his seat belt. Putting on my seat belt is the first thing I do when I get in a car and the first thing you should do too. So because I love you, dear readers and friends, I'm going to ask you nicely, please buckle up. Please drive safely. Please don't drink and drive.

Peace out and have a great weekend!

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