Thursday, June 26, 2008

Writing, Motherhood and Volunteering

Ever since my kids were little, I've always volunteered at whatever function/school event/sports gig they were into. There was probably even a time when I could be considered a professional volunteer. You know the ones- the class mother, etc...

Now that my kids are older and my youngest 2 are in high school, the volunteer days are sparse. A part of me misses the old days, but a bigger part of me is probably relieved. My life is busier now than ever- 2 jobs (nursing and writing) plus helping take care of a house and family. But on the days I do do my volunteer thing, I think I enjoy it more than I did when the kids were little. Probably because it's the only time you can really be around your teenagers when they're doing their thing and they don't seem resentful.

Today, I'm helping with costumes on "Beauty and the Beast". It's an all out high school summer production and it should be awesome. The costumes are being rented from an off Broadway company. I used to be pretty handy with a needle and thread, although it's been awhile since I've sewn. Hopefully, I'll be more help than hindrance:)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Town Mondays

My group blog, Title Wave, is undergoing some plastic surgery.

The blog look hasn't changed yet (but it will). What's different right now is the content. We've decided to go with the Our Town Mondays theme created by blogger Travis Erwin.

This Monday is our debut and Gina is blogging about her hometown, LA. Go check it out here.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Live Chat at TKA!

Jessica Andersen & J.R. Ward Chat It Up with TKA this Thursday @ 8pm EST!

JESSICA ANDERSEN, recently picked as one of the “hottest” authors in romance by Publisher’s Weekly, and fellow critique partner, New York Times Bestselling Author, J.R. WARD, will chat with TKA this Thursday. As a special bonus, J.R. will announce the winners of the PURPLE PROSE CONTEST, conducted on her message board last month.

Known for their dynamic characters and mind-bending plot twists, these ladies are forerunners in the field of paranormal romance. Jessica’s latest novel, NIGHTKEEPERS, Book One in THE FINAL PROPHECY SERIES, is based on an ancient Mayan doomsday prophecy, and Book Six of J.R. Ward’s enormously popular, THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD SERIES, LOVER ENSHRINED, hit bookshelves this month to worldwide acclaim.

Don’t miss the opportunity to talk with these amazing writers and get the inside scoop on their novels and upcoming projects! Leave a comment in the “Jessica and J.R. Chat It Up” post on the TKA Blog to win a copy of NIGHTKEEPERS and LOVER ENSHRINED. Check back on Thursday to see if you are the lucky winner and read special guest blogger Jess Andersen's views on picking the perfect critique partner.

WHO: Jessica Andersen & J.R. Ward




HOW TO CHAT: Follow this link TKA CHAT ROOM. Enter a screen name and select “log in.”

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Those 2 dirty words: High Concept

It's my turn to blog over at Title Wave today. I blogged on "high concept" a phrase that just a couple of years ago made me cringe. Today, not so much, because I finally think I'm getting it!

On another note, I just finished my second round of revisions for "Church of Bunco". My editor asked me to put in another sex scene, something I was more than happy to do;)

I also sent off the proposal for Bunco book 2, which I'm calling "Bunco Babes Gone Wild". Hopefully, she'll love it. Keep your fingers crossed for me:)

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