Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's Actually Begun!

I'm the modern day version of doubting Thomas. Or maybe I'm just a really visual person. But for me, seeing is believing. And baby, today, I believe! The beginning of the American Title II Contest is here!

Meet the American Title II Contestants

Our pictures and bios are up and next week voting will begin on our first lines. I'm both excited and nervous but mainly pumped up!


lisa stone hardt said...

Woo hoo!!!

I'm ready to vote! I am!!

BTW, Maria--I just noticed that one of your fellow finalists is from the town I lived in for the first few years of my life, where my mom taught in the public schools for AGES. Weird. :-)

MariaGeraci said...

Cool, Lisa,

which one?

lisa stone hardt said...

That would be Ms. Suzan Hyssen, from Livonia, MI. :-)

Four more days til voting starts. You must be SO excited!! :-)

Gina Black said...

I didn't think it was me. ;)

lisa stone hardt said...

LOL!!! No, Darlin', I'm afraid it wasn't you. I never lived west of the Mississippi. Though my great aunt used to teach in the Los Angeles it seems there's always SOME connection, and it's usually through public education. Hmmm... :-)

Good luck, you guys!!!

MariaGeraci said...

thanks, Lisa!

I am a bit nervous, but also glad that it's going to start happening.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I admire the way you're handling this AT2 thing. You promote your place in the voting, but you have a life outside of the contest. I confess it will be hard to decide between you and Gina, but I just wanted to say I like your style.

Kate Pearce said...

Go Maria!
I'm so excited for everyone!


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