Friday, February 09, 2007

Thank You, Geek Squad!

Wednesday, I had my own personal Geek out to fix up my new laptop. Poor Jane. Her owner is computer challenged. In my giddiness to get my new computer up and running, somehow I must have uploaded my software wrong. Or got my settings wrong. Or something. I only know that Jane had a two month long cold that is now much better thanks to Tim from the Geek Squad. In less than 45 minutes, Tim had Jane up and running laps. Which means I can access the internet again and blog, and everything else!

So I finally posted a blog on the Title Wave site about Perky the Duck, my newest inspiration.


KimAmburn said...

Oh, I love Perky. I'm like you though - I'd have loved to seen the wife's reaction. I bet they could hear her scream five miles away!

Ellen said...

I hope they find him a nice mate for Perky so he can have an HEA -- he certainly deserves it after surviving all of that. Wow!

Congrats on Jane's good health. :)

Kristen Painter said...

How could you not love a duck like that?


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