Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Un Resolutions

I love the New Year. It's a time for beginnings, but I mostly love it because it means Christmas is over, and while I love Christmas (or at least the idea of it) every year it seems to become more and more stressful. This year was no exception. It was my turn to work Christmas, and while I usually don't mind, it was a very depressing 3 nights (I'd violate Hippa laws if I got into it any more than that). I'll just say I'm glad it's all over.

Which brings me to the dreaded New Year's resolutions. I mentioned a few resolutions to my cps, which I do hope to keep- like trying to write 2 books this year (instead of the usual 1 or less). But as for other resolutions (which for me have always been about trying to change something about myself) I refuse to make any. Mainly because I fail year after year to keep them, which in turn only adds to my Catholic guilt in making me feel like a total loser. I've decided instead to make this the year of the Un Resolution.

So this year, I give up trying to diet. I'll eat when I'm hungry, thank you. Ditto for trying to keep my finances in order (that's what Mike Geraci is for), or trying to be more organized. If it hasn't happened after 48 years, it isn't going to magically happen overnight simply because it's January.

I am going to try a couple of new things. I'm going to journal (in the beautiful leather-bound book Mel gave me) and learn how to use the awesome Canon camera I got for Christmas. I've never been interested in photography before, but I'm completely obsessed with the Canon commercials featuring Maria Sharapova and her little dog Dolce.

Watch for future uploads of Maria Geraci and her little dog, Chewey:)


Mel Francis said...

I like your unresolutions. I've decided maybe I should take mine back. LOL

Louisa Edwards said...

Maria I LOVE you! I think one of your books this year should be The Year of the UnResolution, and it should all be full of that same defiant, snappy spirit! Screw dieting, anyway. Eat like a person, and be happy. Wouldn't it be a kick if you lost a bunch of weight, just from cutting down on the stress over food?

Kate Pearce said...

Absolutely; unresolutions. I like that idea!
I think I'll make some of those myself!

Erin said...

I love the UNresolutions Maria! I didn't make any this year either- too much on my plate to try changing anything right now. And I agree, this holiday season at work has been dreadful. Seems like it's never gonna slow down! Anyway- happy new year- I miss you!!


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