Friday, February 29, 2008

Save the Cuban Virgins

I used to joke that I was going to make a custom bumper sticker with that slogan. Honestly, people in south Florida would totally get it.

I've been crazy busy this week and haven't had time to do much, even sleep. So I'm just now getting around to checking out some of my pal's blogs. It seems that the world is full of injustice.

Save the Planet Thursday In which Gina ignores the plight of the Cuban virgins and instead tries to save the entire world. Go Gina!

Project Outrage In which Kristen (also ignoring the plight of the CV's) laments on the way Chris was totally dogged by Heidi and co. I couldn't agree with her more.

Word of the Day It seems that Louisa is in need of some dirty jokes. I would post one, but it concerns Cuban virgins and it probably isn't appropriate.

And last but not least:

Couldn't make this up It was rumoured that it was really a Cuban Virgin who was driving. No one knows what happened to her...


Kristen Painter said...

If I knew any Cuban virgins, I'd say them. But I don't, so...

Kristen Painter said...

Save. Not say. Sheesh.

MariaGeraci said...

He he... I knew what you meant.


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