Thursday, March 06, 2008

American Idol: My top 2

Jason Castro.
He's so deliciously cute and sweet, I could eat him up. My kids snickered as I spent the first night of the competition punching my redial button to vote for him over and over, but there's just something about him that I totally love. I guess it's called "it" or "star appeal". Not sure. But I do know that right now, he's my number #1 pick to win this competition.

This week, he did a beautiful rendition of "Hallelujah", which totally worked. He also went guitar-less, which was a risk, because let's face it, who doesn't love a guy with a guitar? I think that totally sealed the deal for me. He doesn't need the guitar to look good. Plus, he doesn't have some of the weird mannerisms that some of the other singers do. Like Michael Johns. While I find Michael cute and his singing very good, there's something distracting about the way he moves and the way he holds the mic.

And there's my other top 2 pick. David Cook. I wasn't so impressed with him initially, but each week I like him more and more. And this week, he totally sold me. He sang "Hello" by Lionel Richie. Which, normally would have been the kiss of death. I didn't like Lionel's music in the 80's and I certainly don't like his music now, but David managed to take a sappy song and actually make me like it. Plus, he's so damn cute.

Seeing a pattern here? Yep. Cute is in.

Speaking of cute, I guess I need to mention David Archuleta, who is beyond cute and has a fantastic voice on top. While I really like David and I loved his version of "Imagine" last week, this week's "Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins left me cold. Although I'm sure the rest of America loved it as he seems to be the AI Poster boy this year. I just have the feeling that I could tired of David A's cuteness. Fast.

Unfortunately, due to it being Bunco night, I missed watching the girls perform last night. For some reason, my DVR didn't record it (although I think it was really Mike Geraci messing with the TV that screwed it up). I'm not broken-hearted over it though. The girls are a snooze fest for me. Other than Carly Smithson, who I think has a good chance to make it to the top, I'm just not that impressed with them.


MissPride said...

I totally agree with you on the Top 2 and David Archuleta. And the Smithson woman is the only reason to tune in for the women side of the show.

Adventures of Keely and Sybil said...

Carly is from San Diego! I think she's great. Too bad she got the boot last week. maybe I can sing with her at karaoke on Sunday nights here in SD at Henry's. they said she was there every Sunday night until she started the show. I will agree with the David Cook comments. I think he has the most originality and the little, young guy will go far whether he wins or not. Now, Keely is not a fan of Jason. I think she fears his nasty hair will strangle her like a boa and she says over and over she just wants to wash and cut it! I think he's cute as hell but I don't think he's going to win. Sorry to disagree. Why don't these a-holes just cancel the show and offer me a recording contract? It would save the public from Seacrest's annoying pauses and
save their fingers from getting calloused punching their favorite numbers in. It's a no-brainer for me.


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