Friday, January 30, 2009

Electronic Copyedits!

Those folks at Berkley are really with it. It's only been a little over a month that I sent in my revisions for BUNCO BABES GONE WILD and I've already received my copy edits. Only they didn't come in the mail.

Yesterday afternoon I checked my email to find something from the lovely Allison Brandau from Berkley with BUNCO BABES GONE WILD in the subject. Allison not only acquires books of her own, she assists other editors like mine (the equally-lovely-if-not-more-so-because-she-bought-me Wendy McCurdy). I really had no idea what might be in the email, but the one thing I definitely was NOT expecting was electronic copy edits. Genius!

I've already done the first 3 chapters and the whole process is going by ridiculously smoothly (pardon the double 'ly' words). I love the fact that I can delete and add with my computer. Honestly, I think my hand shook every time I made a mark on my copy edits for BUNCO BABES TELL ALL. I was terrified that I'd mark something in permanent ink and then I'd immediately want to change it, or that no one would be able to read the tiny writing I'd have to use to squeeze something in the margin.

This electronic thing rocks!


Louisa Edwards said...

Coolness! That Berkley runs like a well-oiled machine, huh?

MariaGeraci said...



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