Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Author Tour Day 3

So after a fantastic day 2 on Author Tour I arrived back to my hotel room exhausted. Unfortunately, I don't stay exhausted. Don't you hate it when you're really tired and you crawl into bed, only to find that you can't fall asleep? Where is the cotton-mouth-producing Benadryl when you need it? I'll tell you where- back at home in my medicine cabinet. Fat good it does me there.

Fortunately for me "Titanic" was on T.V. I just can't resist seeing Jack and Rose fall in love, so I watch it again for the zillionth time. After it's done, I think, great! now I can fall asleep. Nope. Because then "Enough" with Jennifer Lopez comes on and for some reason (never was really crazy about the movie) I now find it fascinating. By the time J Lo kicks Billy Campbell's very nice butt in, I'm beyond exhausted and finally fall asleep. But I wake up a tad later than I wanted and I was supposed to meet Debbie at 8:40 in the hotel lobby so we could go to mass. I rush and shower and dress and am, like, 15 minutes off schedule, so we get to mass a tad late (but before the readings so we're okay in the technical Catholic sense).

After mass, we go back to the hotel, meet Deidre and Shannon and head to Athens, home of the UGA Bulldogs. Now that my son is about to be a Gator I suppose I should feel some animosity toward the Dawgs, but I don't. We meet up with Jennifer and Jia and Jennifer's daughter and her friend and have brunch at this New Orleans style place, which I can't remember the name of to save my life. I have poached eggs over crab cakes and it's beyond yummy. Now, with my tummy stuffed, we all head over to Borders.

The Borders in Athens is awesome. Vicki, our contact person, has set up our signing in the rear of the store. Jia puts up the purple and white balloons (the red and white ones have died) and the awesome TKA author sign and we're set. The crowd in Athens is very nice, and I get to meet Jessica Hunt, whose husband Chris interviewed me for the Athens newspaper. I'd sent her a copy of my book last month and she told me she loved it (and I loved hearing that!) We answer questions, sign books and thank the crowd for coming. It's sad in a way, because now it's over. Jennifer and Debbie have to leave, but Deidre, Shannon, Jia and I stay to have coffee and do a little book shopping. I immediately check out the romance section (very nice) and an even nicer section toward the middle of the store that features a lot of women's fiction-Jennifer Weiner, Sophie Kinsella, etc, and decide that this is where I should be. It's obviously a co-op space, but I snag a few of my books and place them prominently next to my idol, Sophie. Hey, if I don't push for my own work, then who will, right?

After having a frozen caramel coffee drink (which is not called a frappuccino, since this word is copyrighted by Starbucks- something I learned while writing Bunco Babes Tell All) D and I say goodbye to Jia and Shannon and head back to Madison where my car is located. After fiercely hugging D goodbye, I gas up my minivan and head to Cracker Barrel to get an audio book for the trip back home. I select "Every Breath you Take" by Judith McNaught. JM was one of the first romance authors I loved and her "Paradise" remains one of my favorite romances of all time. I'm a little ticked to find that the audio book is abridged (hate that!) but it passes away the time and before you know it (and despite getting lost just once- see a theme hear?) I arrive back in Tallahassee, worn out, happy and ready to hit my bed.

This Friday, I'll be blogging on the TKA blog highlighting some of the Q&A we did. Hope to see you there!


Kristen Painter said...

Still jealous. ;o)

You know, I've never listened to an audio book. If I ever figure out my iPod, maybe I'll download one.

Lucy said...

I just got in a box of books, one of them was a Weiner and one was a Kinsella - under her other name (didn't know she had another name!!!). Can't wait to dive in to them. (Reading Cruisie now.)

Oh, and JM's Paradise is one of my favorites as well. :o)

Glad you had a good time on your tour.

Kwana said...

I'm so happy for you. What fun.


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