Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nice Dice

I absolutely adore this look. Katy Perry rocks! Coincidentally, she's also mentioned in Bunco Book 3 (title to be named later). No, Katy Perry doesn't come to Whispering Bay to play Bunco with the Babes (although the Babes would certainly welcome her with open arms in this dress) but she is a sort of character in the book. You'll just have to wait till Sept 2010 to find out how;)

On that note, I'm trying to finish writing a critical scene, do laundry, and get some sleep tonight before heading to Daytona Beach for a little fun and sun this weekend. Yay!


Kristen Painter said...

I'd wear that dress.

Have a great weekend!

Kwana said...

Ha! What a fun pic.

D.D. Scott said...

Hello, Maria!

D. D. Scott here!

What a fabulous dress! Katy, to me, is just the ultimate new and improved Betty Boop! Luv her!

Between her and Lady GaGa, I'm always impressed they have the gusto to wear this stuff. And...they always pull it off...whether in the form of fruit, dice, huge huge huge hair bows, and little else on the bottom...LOL!!!

Can't wait to see how Katy figures into your book!

Thanks for sharing and hope Daytona was a bunch of fun sunnin' --- D. D. Scott


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