Saturday, December 12, 2009

No disappointment here

I pretty much wrote Bunco Babes Tell All while listening to Colbie Caillat's debut album Coco. I really didn't think she could surpass the quality of that album. Most sophomoric attempts are disappointing. I was so glad to discover I was wrong. Breakthrough, her newest album is just as good as Coco. Maybe even be better. I just know that as I'm writing on my wip Boyfriend of the Month Club, the songs are helping stir up my artistic juices. Especially now where I'm at an impasse and wondering if I should stick to the synopsis I sent my editor or go in another direction?

Something is telling me the other direction might be better. But yet... Argh. Not sure. Maybe listening to Fearless a few more dozen times might jiggle something.

Meanwhile, I have my Florida Panhandle meeting today at noon. It's our Christmas party. It's raining catfish and doggie treats outside and I hate going out in the rain but the party should be fun. Plus I've been cooped up writing for too long!


Marilyn Brant said...

Hope you had fun at your Christmas party! And thanks for telling us about Colbie--she isn't a singer I'm familiar with, but I'll definitely listen to her now. Do you have a favorite song or two that I should start with??

Maria Geraci said...

Gosh, Marilyn, she has so many great songs. Everything on her Coco album is fantastic. Start with BUBBLY (I'm sure you've heard it before because it's gotten huge radio time), and REALIZE, and MAGIC are also great songs. On her new CD FALLING FOR YOU and FEARLESS are my favorites!

Marilyn Brant said...

Oh!! I *have* heard BUBBLY!! I really liked it--but I didn't know the singer's name :). I'll check out the others you mentioned now. I *love* learning about new musical thanks for the suggestions!


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