Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hot summer reads!

My second Bunco romance, Bunco Babes Gone Wild, got a nice little write up in Barbary Vey's Publishers Weekly Beyond her Book Blog. Here's the link to the whole blog and here's what Heidi had to say about the book:

Georgia Meyer was expecting a proposal, but got a calculator instead from her boyfriend Spencer. She decides to go visit her sister Friday in Whispering Bay, Florida and work things out in her head. Soon she is swept up with Frida, her Bunco friends and hunky Dave Hernandez, and her head is going as fast as her heart.

I was wishing the whole time that Dave Hernandez entered the picture, that I could meet him in person. The heat that he and Georgia created was more than the heat in the Midwest right now. Phew!! The Bunco Babes never disappoint with fun, gossip and friendship. I think I need another cold drink to cool down from this book!


Rain Maiden said...

Will there be any more Bunco Babes books? They are great summer reads!

Maria Geraci said...

Hi Rain,

After I finish my current project, I am definitely planning on another Bunco book :)

Rain Maiden said...

Yea! The Babes are so much fun to read.


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