Saturday, September 10, 2011

Title Change

I've been a bad blogger lately. That's because I've been busy trying to finish and polish up my manuscript that was due August 1 (thank God for understanding editors!). On another note, The Ugly Girlfriend is no more. It's now titled A Girl Like You. At least, that's the current consensus, unless something changes. I really can't wait to see the cover for this one. I cover conferenced with my editor a couple of weeks ago and the ideas we threw around are really exciting. Of course, it's all up to the art department at Berkley, but I'm really hoping they do a tie in cover to Boyfriend of the Month Club (even though the books are completely different.) We'll see.

In a couple of hours Mike Geraci and I are off to see our youngest daughter for parents weekend at UCF. Should be a fun time. The Knights are playing Boston College tonight and I'm really hoping for a home town win.

Have a great weekend, everyone. And go Noles!

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