Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weight Watchers Day One

Okay, so if you follow me on FB you probably know that I joined Weight Watchers this week (Thursday to be exact) after going to the doc and discovering my blood pressure was 145/87 I figured I had to do something about all this extra weight I've been carrying around. Not even in the throes of hardest labor have I ever had a bp that high and since it's been 18 years since I've had a baby I figure it's time to get rid of the baby fat (ahem!) I also made Mike Geraci join because he's been talking about losing weight for years now and talk is all it is.

So I played around with the points thing on Thursday and made us a really healthy dinner. Yesterday, I had to renew my ACLS (that's Advanced Cardiac Life Support) for you non-medical folks and went out to lunch with my pals. We ended up at Crispers and I ordered their scrumptious signature summer salad (but only the half version) which turns out is 11 points. Now, 11 points might sound like a lot, but that half salad kept me full till dinner, where I admit, we went a little wild in the kitchen (point wise, not anything else in case you have that sort of mind).

After dinner, I tossed all the tempting stuff out the door or put it in deep freeze so that I can't get to it. I also hit Costco to stock up on chicken breasts, salmon and lean meat. That's where I discovered this: Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars. 4 points. I can basically eat 7 of these a day and still stay withing my points. Not that I plan to do that or anything.

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