Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stephanie in DC

Daughter #1 just came home last night from a trip to DC. She flew out of Ronald Reagan airport where security is now once again at an all time high. After being searched and "poofed" (her words, not mine) she discovered that her flight had been overbooked. This caused a delay leaving Washington that caused her to miss her connecting flight from Charlotte. So after rerouting to Atlanta, where she waited a couple of hours, she finally caught a flight home. It was her first airline mishap, and she handled it great.

This is a pic of her on one of those cool scooters. Apparently, this is the newest way to see the city. You hop on these scooters and get a tour of the sights. I remember seeing DC as a kid in the middle of summer and walking and sweating, and walking and sweating. Unfortunately, I think you have to be at least 15 to ride the scooters.

Press Secretary of the Future?

Here's a pic of Stephanie in front of the Pentagon press podium (fun and a little scary, too!)


Lucy said...

She has your eyes. :)

I'm glad she made it home safely.

erin said...

Our little Stephie is growing up... (Tear)

Mel Francis said...

I'm glad she had a good time and made it home safely!

Ellen said...

What a cutie Stephanie is!

She looks like she had a lot of fun. Too bad about the air travel hassle, but she's obviously mature enough to deal with it. You must be very proud!

Louisa Edwards said...

Wow, she's adorable--she looks just like you!

KimAmburn said...

Wow - D.C. and the airport, you must have been a nervous wreck! You obviously raised her right, though. She seems to have handled it great.


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