Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Best New Shows

Now that the new TV shows are out, I've found a few I definitely have to add to the DVR schedule.

First, there's Dirty Sexy Money. Before I knew a thing about this show, I decided I was going to have to watch. I mean, with a title like that, how could you not have a hit? I was pleased to find that the show's star is Peter Krause, who starred in one of the best TV shows of all time, Sports Night. I nearly cried when Sports Night was cancelled. Honestly.

So back to Dirty Sexy Money. It's about a family of mega millionaires called the Darlings. The patriarch (Tripp Darling) is played by Donald Sutherland. And Nick (Peter Krause) is coerced into becoming the family's lawyer. It's funny, sexy and yes, at times, dirty. I think my favorite character so far is the Reverend Brian Darling. He takes the phrase "I hate you!" to new heights.

Next is Pushing Daisies. This was another show I was immediately drawn to by the previews. It looked campy and fun and the lead guy was cute, so I thought, why not?
The premise is this: Ned (cute guy, or also known as Lee Pace) can bring back the dead with a single touch. The hitch: If he touches them again, they die. And if he doesn't touch them again within a minute, then someone else dies in their place. Ned works as a piemaker in his shop called, The Pie Hole (don't you love it?). Things get complicated when a PI discovers Ned's talent and blackmails him into bringing back murder victems long enough to discover who killed them to collect the reward money. Things get real-l-l-l-y complicated when Ned brings back his first love, Chuck (I know what you're thinking, but her real name is Charlotte. It's not that kind of a show...). Of course, he can't touch Charlotte, or she'll die again, permanently. Talk about romantic conflict!

I've watched the first two episodes of Private Practice. It hasn't totally sold me yet, but I'll keep watching. For awhile. Another good show is Journeyman. Although I'm ticked off that they showed one episode and then didn't have another new episode the next week. Haven't the marketing people heard of striking while the iron is hot?


KimAmburn said...

Don't you love fall tv! We've taped Pushing Daisies but haven't gotten the chance to watch it. Maybe after Kia!

Lucy said...

I was so excited about Private Practice but I'm kind of with you on the watching a while longer before I give up.

I haven't watched Pushing Daisies or Dirty Sexy Money. I'm trying to keep new shows added to my schedule down but with your recommendation, I might have to give them a try. :)

Kristen Painter said...

My problem is I'm watching too much new TV. I do like Pushing Daisies, tho - it's just so different than anything else on, how can you not like it?

Ellen said...

Those look like great shows! I haven't seen a one except for the start of Journeyman - then my kids required my "attention" and *poof* it was history. I've decided to rent all these shows on DVD if they're sold that way and watch them in my bedroom while they're tuned into Hannah Montana downstairs.

Good luck with your finished ms as well as the new one you're starting.

Jenna Mayson said...

Didn't get into Pushing Daises. I watched 1/2 of the first episode and couldn't finish it.

I've been enjoying the new season of Smallville (sad, I know) and the Bionic Woman, which is so campy and bad, it's good.

Gillian Layne said...

Doesn't Pushing Daisies blow you away?? I'm always getting interrupted when watching it, but I just love to listen to it--is Jim Dale the narrator? Sure sounds like him :)


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