Monday, October 08, 2007

Following Mel's Lead

I've decided to sweat with Sven.

Every once in awhile, Mel comes up with a great idea (okay, more than just every once in awhile). We're going to power write though the next 3 months.

While my agent is shopping around The Church of Bunco, I'm going to be working on my next non-bunco book. It's tentatively titled, "He Loves Me Not". So far, I've finished up a couple of chapters and I think I see a direction. Hopefully, the muse will be kind and stay with me:)

My goal is to have the rough draft completed by Jan. 15.


Kristen said...

Happy 70 days challenge. I'll be cheering you (and Mel)from the sidelines.

Toes crossed that you make the deadline.

Happy writing.

Gina Black said...

Yay Maria!

I'll also be cheering from the sidelines. Entering those things is the Kiss of Death for me. I really need to just chug ahead on my own for some reason.

Glad to hear COB is out there!! Woohoo!!

MariaGeraci said...

I can hear you guys cheering! Thanks, I'll need all the encouragment I can get.

And Gina, Church isn't quite out there yet... Deidre is reading it this week. Hopefully, the revisions will be short and sweet:)

Jenna Mayson said...

Hey Maria - I just signed up to sweat it out too. I'm getting a late start, but hopefully can catch up soon!


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