Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I had a TETL moment (Too Embarrassed to Live) at work last night. This one directly involved my new Dansko Professional clogs.
About half my unit is wearing these now and everyone raves about them. This clog has been credited with the elimination of aching feet and legs, sore backs, tired muscles, etc. So after I left work Sunday morning feeling like a mule who had been kicked around for 12 hours (don't ever let anyone tell you delivering babies isn't hard work), I decided to bite the bullet (they cost $115) and drink the Dansko Kool-aid.

The girl at the Walk-About store told me it takes a few weeks to "break" them in. My first night wearing them I felt like a Geisha walking on thick wooden slats. My feet are completely flat (no natural arch at all) and there was something poking into the side of my foot. So by the end of the night I was practically limping. But that's okay. I can suffer temporarily if the pay off is worth it in the end.

When I woke up Tuesday, my feet felt fine and I wore them to work again. So there I was, standing by the desk in Triage talking, and I pivoted to turn and leave. I must have turned my ankle because the next thing I knew, I was went down. But just like a movie, I went down in my mind in slo-mo. There was a huge Ultrasound machine stationed on the wall next to me and I can remember thinking I was going to hit my head on it. All I could think was "No! Not the head! Broken bones can be fixed, but I need my brain to finish my revisions!!" Everyone said I went down screaming "I'm fine!!" but I don't remember that. Of course, everyone came running to my aid. I jumped up as fast as anyone wearing 5lb wooden clogs can, my face so hot I could fry an egg off it, saying, "Everyone go back to work!"

Tonight is night 3 of the Dansko Clog. Hopefully, I will master the art of wearing them. I just pray I don't have to run in them anytime soon:)


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I think I will stick with my Uggs.

Gina Black said...

OMG this so reminds me of when I wore those HUGE platform sandals, way back when. You know, the kind that had a cross-cross over the toes. (Maybe you're too young to remember.) Those shoes *must* have been three inches in the heels and two inches everywhere else. Well, one day I was walking across the parking lot at work waving to someone and the next moment I was down on my as-phalt. I can only imagine how it looked when I suddenly disappeared into the maze of car hoods.

I do have to admit that I love my Danskos. I tend to wear them in the rain because they keep my feet above the puddles. And they do wear in.

P.S. I'm so glad you *didn't* whack your head! Dignity can be repaired (even if it doesn't seem like it at the time).

MariaGeraci said...

Gina, I remember those big platform sandals perfectly:)

Uggs, huh? I might have to try those next.

Mel Francis said...

I just wish I had been there. you know, to save you from falling. Not to laugh. Because I swear, I wouldn't have laughed. Well. Not much.

Kate Pearce said...

oh god, I feel for you-being a prime klutz myself, I'm just glad you didn't whack your head!

MariaGeraci said...

Mel, you save me daily, so :)

And Kate, yes, I'm glad I saved my head!

Adventures of Keely and Sybil said...

Legs wife, if the new clogs continue to put you in danger try Merrells. I love the slides. Rachel wears them too and Erin Roberts. I would've loved to see it though, like Mel, I only would have laughed after I was sure you were ok.

Jeff Parker said...

Reef flip flops... can't go wrong.


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