Thursday, August 07, 2008

I can't believe it's over

So America's newest Favorite Dancer is Joshua. I never voted for him, but I have to admit, he was awesome. My personal fave was the runner up, Twitch- a name I'm planning to steal for a character some day. Even though Twitch wasn't the best technical dancer, I always loved watching him.

Thing's I'll miss most about the show:

Cat Deeley's gorgeous self- her beautiful smile, her sometimes outrageous outfits, her not-so-funny-but-who-gives-a shit-because-she's-just-so -lovable jokes, and her ability to make even the booted contestants think they've just won by giving them a hug.

The awesome dancing.

Watching what Mark does to his hair for each routine.

Watching Courtney and Gev (who never disappointed me).I really wish Courtney would break up with her boyfriend for Gev. They'd just be so damn cute together.

Hearing Mary Murphy scream someone was on the Hot Tamale Train:)

Things I WON'T miss:

Mia Michaels and the sour-puss look on her face when someone out-choreographs her (although that is pretty rare, because she is a kick-ass choreographer)

Nigel's Electric Smile. Seriously, I think Nigel accidentally knocked his teeth out during an especially dangerous tap routine and he had to have veneers before the art of veneers was perfected. Nigel, you're a billionaire. Get yourself some teeth that fit!

My poor DVR is going to go through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The only 2 things I have scheduled now is Project Runway and Madmen. Until the new fall line up, of course :)


Louisa Edwards said...

Hell's Kitchen is starting up again soon--you know you want to watch it with me...

Lucy said...

I was brought into watching SYTYCD, kicking and screaming mind you, by a friend. From when I started watching (I watched the first show or two and then didn't see it for a while), I've just loved Joshua. I'm glad he won but I had nothing to do with it because I didn't vote at all. I agree with pretty much everything you said except I lost a lot of respect for Twitch when he reacted the way he did to being in the bottom two. I also will not miss Mary Murphy - period, whether she's screeching or not. LOL Oh gosh that woman got on my last nerve.

Overall I really enjoyed the show and will probably watch it next season, even though I already have a full plate of shows to watch. lol

MariaGeraci said...

Another reality show? I just might have to start watching that:)

MariaGeraci said...


LOL, I never minded Mary's screaming. And I love when she and Nigel banter :)


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