Saturday, November 15, 2008

World Peace And Organized Closets

My dreams in life are simple:

1. World peace.
2. Keep the people I love healthy, safe and happy.
3. That my books become wildly successful.
4. That the Noles win another football championship under Bobby Bowden.
5. And that I one day, organize all the closets in my house.

Is that too much to ask for?

One day, I dropped my husband off at the aiport for a 2 week business trip and left him thinking I was finally going to orgazize all the closets in the house. I started writing a novel instead. Now 6 years and 4 manuscripts later, I'm finally going to start organizing those closets. Wish me luck. Here'a an ugly preview of this weekend's job:

Laundry room, laundry room shelves and kid's hall closet


Gina Black said...

I have exactly the same priorities (except for number 4 -- we could substitute a cure for cancer there).

And if you think your closets are bad, you should see my storage container. OMG. I guess I have to take a photo to remind myself to never do that again. Most of what we own is in there and most of it is books. Towering piles of book boxes. Scary.

And somewhere in there is the my favorite orange pot. I have the lid here in my kitchen. :sigh:

Mel Francis said...

sadly, when I saw your pictures, the first thing I thought was "That's what my closets look like AFTER I organize them."


Guess I should get to work on fixing that.

Louisa Edwards said...

Oh, Maria. Why do you do this to me? I don't even want to think about my closets!

Lucy said...

I had a similar thought to Mel's. The other thing I thought about was that last spring I decided to organize an entire room and thought if I posted it on my blog, I would be embarrassed enough that I would HAVE to clean it or be shamed.

It still looks the same today - if not worse. I'm thinking Christmas break now I'll work on it.

MariaGeraci said...

If it wasn't for the fact that it takes me about a hundred years to find something, I could live with my closets as is. But I keep buying replicates of things only because I don't think I have it. Grr....


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