Thursday, April 15, 2010

Covers I'm drawn to

If a picture tells a thousand words then what does this one say?

It's no secret a good cover can do wonders for a book. The cover gods can be cruel, or they can be kind, or they can be indifferent. Every author prays for the kind cover gods- the ones who wave their magic and give you a cover that not only represents the spirit of the book you've written, but one that will sell books!

I've long been a fan of Joshilyn Jackson. If you haven't read Between, Georgia or Gods in Alabama then you're really missing something. Above is the cover for her upcoming novel. Love the title! Love the cover! Can't wait to read the book. The cover gods have been good to Joshilyn.


Marilyn Brant said...

That *is* a really eye-catching cover...and it does make me curious to open the book and read the beginning of the story ;).

Kwana said...

That is a great cover.


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