Monday, July 05, 2010

A new year's resolution that involves air conditioning

So technically it's not a new New Year, but it's a new year for our country, so I figured that sort of counted. Regardless, it seemed like a fine time to make a resolution to exercise more. Or at least more regularly. Walking just isn't comfortable anymore in this Florida humidity. Plus, it's been raining. Like every day, which of course is normal for this time of year but even at 7am it's like a sauna outside, and if the humidity doesn't kill you, then the bugs will.

While I was walking outside the other evening I must have inadvertently opened my mouth (maybe to breathe, not sure) and a flying something or other (not a palmetto bug because believe me I would have known what that was) flew into my mouth. You should have seen me jumping around on the sidewalk. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was having a seizure. Or maybe not, since no one ran outside to help me or call 911. Maybe we're all used to bugs flying into our mouths. Not sure. But I am officially over doing anything outside that does not require a bathing suit until the weather decides to become more cilvilized. Like maybe October, some time.

Which brings me to my post. Years ago, I used to Jazzercise and loved it, but when I moved to Tallahassee 14 years ago I couldn't find a class near me with convenient hours and child care. That has now changed. I no longer need the child care, but the hours and the location are perfect, so my friend Rebecca has convinced me to join. Plus she's promised me there are NO mirrors anywhere, which is an important consideration. Wish me luck. Hopefully, I won't blow my knees out or make too big a boob of myself. At any rate, I think I'll have lots of fun, and most importantly, it's air-conditioned.


Kristen Painter said...

You make me laugh. I can so picture you jumping around with a bug in your mouth! lol Have fun at Jazzercize.

Lucy said...

It's the same here! Too friggin' hot to even walk. Yesterday I took a book outside to get some "outside" time and even with my only movement being flipping pages, it was too hot. Ugh!

Anyway, as for the Jazzercise, I was taking Zumba classes a while back and at first I worried about what I looked like but they're so fun I finally got to the point that I don't care what I look like. I was just enjoying them. And that's what I think you need to do with the Jazzercise, don't worry about anything but enjoying them. :o)

Maria Geraci said...

thanks, Kristen. The bug in the mouth dance is not a pretty sight :)

Lucy, I love Zumba, but right now in summer the average age of the class is about 15. Talk about feeling old!


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