Thursday, September 30, 2010

To ABC, that's a big fat NO

To the brilliant executive over at Mike Fleiss headquarters who decided to make Brad Womack the next Bachelor? Thank you. You've finally cured me of Sucky-tv-itits (that's the addiction to terrible TV even when you know it's bad but can't help yourself).

Honestly. Are there no better single men in America?

In case you need reminding, Brad Womack is the guy who didn't pick anyone and whose season generated the very classy Deanna. Not.

But that's not why I think he'll make a bad Bachelor. The fact he didn't pick anyone should make him a great pick. Except Brad Womack is about as exciting as Melba toast. I thought Jake the Fake was the worst pick ever. But at least he was watchable (in an awful train wreck kind of way). Brad Womack was a bore fest the fist time, so unless he went to Exciting Bachelor College, I don't see the new season being anything other than a rehash of his last season with lots of emphasis on the huge nail biting theme of "will Brad pick anyone??" He's supposedly been in "counseling" to get over his commitment issues. *heh*

The only thing I can see saving this show is if Brad's twin brother (who made an appearance on his original season) comes in and takes over and fools us all.
I can just see Chris Harrison now, "Something you and the viewers haven't been aware of is that... it's not really Brad you've been dating!"
Now that would be the most dramatic show ever.

Or maybe instead of picking no one, or picking just one girl, Brad will go the polygamist route and actually propose to both girls at the end. We'll just have to see. Or rather, I'll just have to hear/read about it. Cuz I'm not wasting my time on this scuzball.


Kwana said...

You are so funny. You've just given the producers all sorts of great ideas here to make an almost watchable show. I don't think I can do it again. I hope I stay away this season. Brad s/b a no. But I like the twin idea a lot.

Lucy said...

I started watching the show with Deanna's season so I didn't see Brad the first time around. That, however, doesn't mean I want to watch him now. When I saw that announcement I had the same reaction as you - that this is how I get cured of watching it. And I wouldn't be surprised if this bonehead decision is the death of the franchise.

Maria Geraci said...

I just can't believe with all the guys out there, they'd go for Brad again. Are we (womankind) that desperate?!

Mel Francis said...

Now I almost wanna watch it hoping for the big SWITCHAROO! at the end.

Hey! I think this sounds like a great plot...hmmmm

Jamie said...

I'm with Mel on the plot thing. Can I use the Exciting Bachelor College? :)

Maria Geraci said...

Jamie, feel free to use away!


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