Monday, September 20, 2010

What I thought of Boardwalk Empire

I have to confess to being both kind of excited and not excited about the premiere of Boardwalk Empire. Excited because it was an HBO mini-series and they are generally pretty good TV. And not so excited because it was a Martin Scorcese/Terence Winter brainchild and while they are terrific writers/directors/whatever they are not particularly chick friendly. And it's not the blood/gore part of whatever they do that gets to me. After all, I'm a fan of True Blood and you don't get much bloodier than that. I think it's the gangsta mentality that I don't find particularly interesting anymore. Al Capone? Lucky Luciano? Yawn... I've seen The Godfather. Let's move on.

However... there was one character I did find kind of interesting and that was Margaret Schroeder, a pregnant immigrant on her third baby with an abusive drinkin/gamblin' husband played beautifully by Kelly Macdonald. I love Kelly Macdonald. She's a fabulous actress who always adds a quiet intelligence to whatever character she plays. It will be interesting to see where they take her.

As for Steve Buscemi playing the lead role... Yes, he's a good actor. But if you're going to do sex scenes with your lead male role, couldn't you have made him a little... sexier? Of course, I will admit to laughing at the scene involving the reverse cowgirl position. I do love me a cheeky sex scene (no pun intended).

Bottom line? Thanks to On Demand and my trusty DVR, I will watch again next week at my leisure. The premiere didn't earn me gluing myself to the TV next Sunday at 9pm if I have something better to do or watch.

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