Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm going to miss The Situation

There. I've said it out loud. I'm not ashamed (not much anyway) to admit that I'm actually going to miss Karina and The Situation. He was this week's latest Dancing with the Stars Casualty and personally, I think he was robbed. So yeah, his tango kind of sucked. But the lifts were awesome and I think the judges were way too hard on him.

So, you ask, who do I think should have gotten the boot? Well, while Crazy Eyes Florence Henderson (Dear God, please don't ever let me get so vain that I resort to plastic surgery that makes me look like I've developed some sort of hyperthyroid disease) would have been my answer last week, she and Corky did a rumba this week that was actually kind of funny/sexy. In a weird way. So I'd have to go with Kurt Warner, who honestly, is a huge snooze fest. I predict Kurt will go home next week. For a good looking guy his sex appeal is in the negative numbers.

My personal favs are of course, Jennifer Grey, aka Baby. And that adorable Kyle Massey. I would LOVE to see him and Lacey in the finals.

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