Thursday, October 21, 2010

My first review!

It is a fact universally acknowledged that truth is stranger than fiction. Remember that. Because we'll get back to it later.

But first, I received my first review for The Boyfriend of the Month Club. It's from Publisher's Weekly, and it's good!

Grace O'Bryan has not had good luck with men, so she and three book club friends decide to form a boyfriend club to review the bachelors of Daytona Beach, Fla. Soon Grace finds herself in the difficult position of managing two men: Brandon Farrell, a wealthy businessman, and Dr. Joe Rosenblum, a bighearted dentist. Could one of them be her Mr. Darcy? Though some of the ridiculous situations strain credibility (as when Grace chips her tooth while unwrapping a tampon), her dedication to her warm Cuban-Irish family and their struggling tourist shop is earnest and charming. Geraci (Bunco Babes Tell All) fills the fluffy but enjoyable story with literary references, and her leading lady is endearingly flawed. Romance readers will revel in the Austen-perfect happy ending and the warm friendship among members of the club. (Dec.)

Yay! The biggest worry when you're writing women's fictions, hen lit, chick lit (whatever you want to call it) is that people won't get your heroine. I'm glad this reviewer got Grace.

So back to the truth is stranger than fiction thing. You know the other old saying, "if I wrote it, no one would believe it?" Yeah, well, that cracks me up. Because the truth is, I actually did chip my tooth while unwrapping a tampon.

I have loved OB tampons ever since Mel turned me on to them awhile back. What I don't love is the shrink wrapped plastic cover. It should come with a warning. In the event, you cannot get the plastic to dislodge, do NOT use your teeth to break it open. That's all I'm gonna say on that. Other than, whoever came up with the tagline above is some kind of marketing genius.


Lucy said...

Congrats on the good review.

As for the tooth chipping scene, it was in your first chapter excerpt and I read it and thought it was well written and funny. :-)

Maria Geraci said...

Thanks, L! Personally, I love that scene ;)

The Girl You Used to Know said...

and now everyone knows what brand of tampons I prefer. Hahahaha

I laughed so hard when I read that review. I kept thinking, "Oh if they only knew..." :D Congrats on a fabulous PW review!

Marilyn Brant said...

WOW, Maria!!!!! This is a fabulous review, and from PW no less!!! Congrats!! I want to hear the uncensored tooth-chipping story! After I make it through Mon. & Tues., I should finally be at the end of my month-long marathon... Email me and let me know a good day/time to call ;).

Maria Geraci said...

Thanks, Marilyn! Yes, we'll defiinitely have to talk soon ;)


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