Friday, January 14, 2011

Hotlanta no more

It's no secret that if the temperatures dip below 40 degrees down here (and by down here I mean Florida) we start freakin' out. The blankets come out on the patios (to protect the plants) and everyone starts digging into their closets to try to find a pair of mittens (if you have any, that is). So when the temps start getting consistently in the 20s at night and in the 40s and 50s during the day it becomes a serious matter. Honestly. I don't even own a winter coat. The only coat I own I bought back when I lived in Huntsville, Alabama and that was 15 years ago, so yeah, it doesn't fit any more.

And when our neighbor to the north (that would be Georgia's) governor declares the state in an emergency due to all the ice and snow they've been getting, things are serious. Especially since I was supposed to drive to Atlanta tonight to take my youngest to her first college audition. I have been told I'm crazy by more than enough people to make me believe it, so I'm making Mike Geraci drive us. No way am I driving on ice. Especially in Atlanta. Especially at night. Hotlanta is now Icelanta and I've been told it's not pretty. I cannot believe that 285 is still closed down, although that is what I'm hearing.

Story to come on Monday.


Jamie said...

Be safe! I hope it thaws out some before you get there! And good luck to your youngest on the audition. :)

Lucy said...

It's the same way here, as far as temperatures go. And I don't own a winter coat either.

Anyway, tell Mr. Geraci to drive safely - he's carrying precious cargo! Seriously, be safe!


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