Saturday, January 22, 2011

This is where I draw the line

Do not laugh, but when I was in the 2nd grade I actually did a book report on "Are You my Mother?" I also did one on "Hop on Pop." I'm sure I still have it somewhere. It was basically the who, what, where and when style of report, but I used some of my favorite pictures from the book and jazzed it up with some crayon depictions of my own. I distinctly remember getting an A on this report. Good times.

Now, I see that these fantastic children's picture books are being converted for ereaders. Don't get me wrong. I love my Kindle. I would love my Nook too if I had one. But we have to draw the line somewhere. I'm sure the picture quality of the Kids Nook is fantastic. Almost as good as maybe seeing the pictures on a computer or a TV. But picture books were meant to be savored in print. Just like art is meant to viewed in person. I've seen countless pictures of the Mona Lisa in magazines and online, but I've never seen it with my own eyes the way it was meant to be seen. Hopefully one day I will have the pleasure of experiencing it.

I'm all for electronic readers. But this is too much.


Rain Maiden said...

I agree, my three year old daughter loves her books but I refuse to put any on my Ipad.

Maureen McGowan said...

You and I really are twins separated at birth, Maria.

And I have to agree. I love my kindle, but I can't see giving kids picture books to read that way. Maybe on vacation... Even so, it's not the same.


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