Monday, May 16, 2011

Savannah Day One

Yay! My blogger function is finally back up. For those of you who don't blog or use Blogger, the site was down for a couple of days last week and it ate my cookies. Or wanted me to have more cookies. Or get rid of my cookies. I'm not sure which. I just know that I tried to fix my cookies myself and couldn't. Oh well, that is what Mike Geraci is for (among other things.)

This past weekend I met my sister and mother for a girls trip to Savannah. It was absolutely fabulous. I can't believe I haven't been there before. It's about a 4 and half hour drive from Tally so that's not too shabby. You just hop on I-10, loop around Jax then head north on I-95. Pretty simple. So Friday I woke up and did a bit of cleaning because I just can't stand to leave the house in a mess. I know. I probably should have just left it as is, but my reward was that I returned to a fairly clean house, so yay!

First thing I do before heading on any road trip is get my gear ready. This includes having a caffeinated beverage of choice in my cup holder and a really great CD to listen to. So before I got on the highway I went by the Starbucks drive-through for a mocha frappucino (grande). Mocha frappucino was good, going through the drive-through, big mistake. When I rolled my window down to give the Starbucks guy my cash, a giant bug of unknown origin flew into my car.

Now, living in Florida, I am used to big bugs, however when I can't identify the said big bug in question, this makes me nervous. The bug was black, could fly (obviously) and looked like a big wasp. Maybe it was a big wasp. Not sure. I just know I started yelling at the bbici (big bug I can't identify) to fly out of my car. "Get out!" "Get out!" So what if the bug can't understand me, I'm sure he understood my tone because the second I started yelling the bug went crazy and started flying all over the car.

The Starbucks guy must have thought I was yelling at him because you should have seen the look on his face. He's like, lady, get out of where? Just about that time, the bbici flew out my car window. The Starbucks guy then saw what I was yelling at, ducked and the bbici flew into the store through the drive-through window.

He. Sorry, Starbucks, but thanks for the latte.

Now with my latte in hand, I start my drive. And can I just say, to the guy who broke Adele's heart, thank you. I listened to 21 for the entire 4.5 hour drive and never got tired of any of the songs. Heartbreak music is the best. I stopped once on the trip up, somewhere about 30 minutes into Georgia where a Chik-Fil-A sign lured me liked the Piped Piper lured the little children, only to discover that the Ckik-Fil-A was closed for renovations. Talk about disappointment, although it is probably for the best that I didn't get to snarf down a chicken sandwich because I arrived in Savannah with my healthy appetite intact and I would have hated to waste my first night's dinner because I'd filled up on Chik-Fil-A which I can have any day (except Sunday) just right down the street from me.

After checking into the hotel (Courtyard Marriot on Liberty Street) I went to find my room, only to see this just two doors down.

Yep, it was a bachelorette party in progress, complete with tiny penis decorations on the door and all. By this time, my sister and mom had arrived and we stood in front of these two doors laughing and reading the various signs. Our room was right across from the ice machine and I was afraid we might hear some revelry going on, but nope. We slept like babies both nights.

More, later...


Kristen Painter said...

Savannah is one of those places I've never been to, but always wanted to visit. Can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Too fun!!! Savannah is amazing! But you sound a lot like me! I have to have my diet coke, extra ice in a styrofoam cup from McDonals, or a large coffee with three creams, my Ipod plugged into my car, and off I go:)

Have so much fun!!!

Tonya Kappes said...

Oopsy! didn't mean to be anonymous!

Marilyn Brant said...

What a fabulous start to your trip, Maria (and LOL about "bbici" -- I would have screamed very loudly :). Looking forward to reading more!!


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