Friday, April 28, 2006


Terry is this season's Survivor super stud. No doubt about it. I think the man pees testosterone.

But last night proved that Cirie is mentally in control of the game. She single handedly got Courtney's flame torched. Did you see the look on Shane's face? Huh? He was totally stunned. Go back to your blackberry, Shane, Cirie will tell you who to vote out next week, cuz I have news for you. She's planning to take you to the final 2. That is, if she's smart. Which the woman has definitely proved she is (and she can catch fish, too)

With the annoying Courtney gone, the most logical person to take into the finals will be Shane. Anyone, even Shane's imaginary blackberry can beat Shane.

The question is now, what will win out: Terry's brawn or Cirie's brain? Stay tuned till next week...


erin said...

This week was definitely a nail-biter! I don't think Danielle knew what she was gonna do until she picked up the pen. And why was there no mention of the Survivor car curse...? Sill rooting for Terry; anyone else wins by default.

MariaGeraci said...

Yeah, I thought the car thing was weird, the way they never mentioned it. I think they just had to edit it down because like you said, it was definitely a nail biter.

All said, I do hope that Terry wins. He deserves it-- but he needs to wise up. He's too trusting, I think. Unfortunately, he was just as surprised as Shane was when Courtney got the boot.

Mel Francis said...

I missed it!


I forgot to set the VCR (yes, VCR not TIVO...ahem).

Oh well, I'll get a great run down from you, which is just as entertaining.

Though I'm really bummed I missed the "blackberry" episode.

MariaGeraci said...

Mark...did you hear that? Your wife needs a tivo.

Jan Conwell said...

I don't watch this--in fact I openly make fun of my two best friends for watching it--but I did want to stop by and say hi. Heheh. Hi. (Ya'll are gonna vote me off the island, now, aren't you?)

Ellen said...

I don't watch it either--so far just obsessed with Amer. Idol for reality shows (oh yea, and you and Mel sucked me into Bachelor Paris).

I hope your guy wins! :)

MariaGeraci said...

Hey, Jan, don't knock till you tried it. 16 strangers on an island duking it out for a cool million. Reality TV just doesn't get any better than that!

Jan Conwell said...

Maria, I confess when the Zipper leaves for Iraq, I just might. Thursday nights at seven...but don't anybody tell Dawn or Natalie in Texas. I'll never hear the end of it.


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