Sunday, May 28, 2006

What I'm reading

Isn't this a gorgeous cover? Since I'm computer addled and can't quite figure out yet how to do this on my sidebar I thought I'd put the picture up here. So far, I'm really loving this book!

Madame Mirabou's School of Love
by Barbara Samuel

Sometimes real passion means living the life you’ve always wanted.

Nicole Bridges still can’t believe she’s taken up residence in a Colorado apartment complex nicknamed “Splitsville.” She’s still reeling from her husband’s affair, a divorce she never saw coming, and having to leave the upscale, comfortable world she helped make for her ex and their teenage daughter. With little money, even less work experience, and no idea what to do next, she takes tentative steps–if only to keep her head above water.

Along the way, Nikki unexpectedly finds herself falling in with eccentric new neighbors–and being seduced out of her funk by a charming, elusive ex-Londoner. And through her delight in the sensual elements of perfume, she will discover the courage to form bonds she never imagined. When a discarded flyer printed with the name “Madame Mirabou” provides the spark of inspiration, Nikki dares to blend the fragments of her life into a fragrance that’s uniquely and passionately her own.


Ellen said...

The cover is gorgeous.

Is this the voice workshop Barbara?

MariaGeraci said...

Yes, it is! So far, it's been a great read. But then you have to love a book that has this for the opening sentence:

I told the insurance company I was sleeping when the house blew up.

(Damn! I want to be that clever!!)

Lucy said...

Dammit Maria, now I want to go and buy another book! LOL

You know who could help you with the book picture in the side bar? Kait. She's who taught me how to do it.

MariaGeraci said...


I've always envied you that sidebar! Actually, the blog designer has tried to help me with it, but I keep picking pictures that have too many pixels. And then when I reduce it, something goes wrong. But I'm going to give Kait a try. Maybe she can teach this old dog a few new tricks. Thanks!

Kristen said...

Old dog? You rang? :D

It's not that hard, Maria, to put a pic in the sidebar. Let me refresh my old noodle and I'll pm you the instructions.

I've been eyeballing that book. It whispers, I look. I set it back down.

I love catchy first sentences. That one made me giggle before coffee.

Have a grand day.

MariaGeraci said...


You're so sweet! Thanks!

Kate Pearce said...

It is a beautiful cover-I'm trying very hard not to buy too many books at the moment-including this one and JoAnn's new one. I caved today and bought a Jayne Castle fantasy because I love that series...bad Kate get back to writing and stop reading

Louisa Edwards said...

It's a great cover, but I didn't end up loving the book. And I got to read it for free! I reviewed it for; decidedly mixed feelings. I felt like it sort of plodded along and took a while to get going. And once it did, it sort of shied away from the more delicate issues it raised about race and mother/daughter relationships. I liked the perfume stuff, though.

Monica Burns said...

Man, don't I just wish I had hair and a body like that!


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