Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fed Ex that Puppy!

I mailed off my Golden Heart entry today. Woo Hoo! Afterwards, I called Mel to celebrate and while we were talking, it occurred to me that this friggin contest has so far cost me almost 100 bucks- $50 for the entry fee, $21 to run off copies at Kinkos, and another $20-something bucks to fed-ex the package to Houston.

Of course, I could have probably saved at least 10 bucks if I'd mailed the thing anytime other than the last minute.

Why I waited till the last minute, is a Freudian mystery. I finished the manuscript almost 2 months ago, so I could have had it in snail mail, no problem. But I concluded a long time ago that I'm somewhat of a thrill monkey. Not the kind who likes roller coasters. The kind who likes waiting till the very last second to turn something in. Plus, I think a part of me was hoping that I'd be ineligible for the GH. But alas, no takers yet. As of today I've received 4 rejections from publishers on The Church of Bunco.

But I'm not discouraged.

I love that story, my cps love the story, and my agent loves the story. One publisher is very interested and my agent has yet to hear from the six or other so editors that still have it on their desk, so there is massive hope in the air. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Gina Black said...

And all my fingers are crossed too!!

MariaGeraci said...

Thanks, Gina!

Mel Francis said...

thrill monkey. Hehe.

I'm totally calling you that from now on.

Kate Pearce said...

fingers crossed here too!
good luck with the GH!

never thought of you as a thrill monkey but I'll try!


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