Thursday, February 26, 2009

When Good Things happen to Good People

I'm embarrassed, okay, maybe ashamed is a better word to admit that in spite of my love of reality TV (really just Survivor and The Bachelor- but The Bachelor is another blog for another day) that I've never watched Extreme Makeover. I think part of that is due to the fact that it's on Sunday night and Sundays aren't really a TV night for me.

But that's going to change because Extreme Makeover has come to Tallahassee! And it's not only come to my hometown, but the family featured is one that I actually know. Sort of. I first met Barbara Kadzis 9 years ago when she came from up north (basically that's the rest of the country to us Floridians), and began teaching 8th grade at Trinity Catholic School. She taught my daughter Stephanie social studies and my husband and I were impressed with her no-nonsense attitude and wealth of knowledge. Their son Michael was in Stephanie's class and their younger son Christopher was in our Megan's class as well.

I remember being a little saddened when a couple of years later, she quit teaching. But when I discovered that it was because they had adopted a little girl from China it made perfect sense. They've gone on to adopt more children from China, most with some sort of handicap. Then their house got damaged by one of our infamous hurricanes. When I discovered that it was the Kadzis family that was getting a new home on the show, I was thrilled. It seems that good things really do happen to good people sometimes!


Jamie said...

How awesome! They came to my hometown earlier this year, too.

And speaking of hometowns, mine's about to be really close to yours. Mind if I ping you about the local RWA chapter?

-jamie from RWAOL

Louisa Edwards said...

Maria, how cool! It sounds like they could really use the help.

Kristen Painter said...

That is very, very cool.

MariaGeraci said...

Jamie! Of course ping me!


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