Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thank you, Pioneer Woman

It's getting close. My new website is almost ready to go live! Here's a little taste of it above. I really love what my web designer, Delroy "Ricky" Neath at Yard Media has done. If you could only see the concept the first designer came up with. I still have nightmares about those dice tattoos on the naked butt... but I digress.

Last night was my Bunco night and it was freezing cold here in north Florida. Go ahead and laugh, but 20-30 degree weather is intolerable for us Floridians. I hate to run off to Bunco without feeding my family and last night's chilly temps called for comfort food. Big time. So I whipped up some of Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti.

If you aren't a fan of Pioneer Woman, then you should be. I can get lost for hours in her site. Her chicken spaghetti recipe was a huge hit at my house. My son rated it an A+ and my daughter called it a "keeper." It's rare that my men folk (see, I'm almost talking like PW) and my health-conscious-eating-almost-16 year old daughter all love the same dish. But they did. And it was so dang easy.


Kate Pearce said...

great site-I've just printed out the chicken spaghetti recipe-it looks fabulous!

MariaGeraci said...

And it's so simple too!

Lucy said...

The sampling of the post looks great. Can't wait until it's live. :)

Lucy said...

webpage - not post.

MariaGeraci said...

Thanks, L. I knew what you meant:)


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