Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eat your heart out, Samantha. Naked Guy can dance!

That's right. Not only can Naked Guy act (do not snicker) but he can also dance! Last night was the premiere of Dancing with The Stars, and honestly, as much as I love the show, I had no idea with the exception of Belinda Carlisle (I was a huge Go Go's fan in the 80's) who this season's *stars* were. So imagine my surprise when Sex and the City's Gilles Marini shows up with Cheryl as his partner. Talk about some serious heat. He was outstanding. He was hot. He was sexy. He was gorgeous. He was... well, you get it. The judges also agreed. He got the top score last night. Cheryl was worried that Naked Guy didn't have a large enough (cough) fan base. Is she for real? I predict Naked Guy and Cheryl will have a long and prosperous season.

So... the show was moving along and I was still reeling from watching Naked Guy do his thing, when the host Tom Bergeron announces there will be a secret surprise star, because one of the stars hurt herself during practice last week (on a side note- this show is becoming more dangerous than an NFL football game for injuries) and she had to be replaced on 2 day's notice. They keep building this up and building this up and then suddenly they announce it's Melissa from The Bachelor! Yee haw! The audience goes wild. Maybe even wilder than when Naked Guy danced, because it appears that like me, a lot of America has fallen in love with Melissa. At this point, I get on the phone with my friend Terri and we spend the next hour rehashing the Melissa/Jason debacle and how thrilled we are that Melissa is on the show.

Ordinarily, I hate the girl who cries a lot, and believe me, Melissa was one wet Bachelorette. The only person who cried more on the show was Jason. But her tears always seemed genuine. Whether The Bachelor people gave her a great edit or she's just a great girl, I bought into it. She wore her heart on her sleeve and I just found her so dang adorable. And now she's back! And boy, can she dance. She came in second in points only to Naked Guy. And she only had 2 days to rehearse. Even her "official" DWTS bio pic is a cropped picture of her and Tony b/c they haven't had time to pose for one yet. I'm also loving that Tony has a great partner in Melissa. The last 2 seasons he'd had aging divas with no rhythm (Susan Lucci and Jane Seymour) for partners and the guy deserves better.

I do have to add, however, that I got a bit uncomfortable listening to the Jason bashing. Even Bruno called him a big Loser. Not that the guy doesn't deserve it, but it's over. With Melissa on DWTS, maybe we can get some closure on the whole mess. I say, let the healing process begin. Oh, and let's all vote to keep Naked Guy on the show.


Lucy said...

I had made the decision to not watch DWTS this season. That was, until I heard the rumor that Melissa was going to be a replacement. There's just something about her. And she can dance! I'm not a fan of Tony's so I was disappointed that she got partnered with him but maybe she can help "redeem" him for me.

As for the Jason bashing, I didn't mind it but I do think they need to let it go now.

Mel Francis said...

You know I don't like DWTS but I flipped over in time to see Gilles dance. Holy smokes that man is hot. And he can move! And Cheryl was always my favorite (I would kill for her body) so I'll be watching some...not regularly because frankly, I can't stand the cheesefest.

and you know I couldn't care less about whiny Melissa. That was probably part of her deal that abc made with her. "You get dumped on national tv and we'll make you a DTWS star!" If she wins, I would be very suspicious the show is rigged.

Kwana said...

Yep Naked guy sure can dance! He was hot. I did a double take. up until then it was just Lil Kim with her ok dance. It will be all about Him and Melissa. She's a natural. My DH say's Jason dumping her has now made her a star.


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