Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I see Lawn Boys...

Mel called me this morning to tell me she had a dream that Berkley had changed the title of my book to Bunco Babes Go Mowing.

All I could do was laugh. Especially because Naughty Kate emailed me last night to tell me that RT had reviewed my book. I got 3 stars! It's not the awesome 5 cups of coffee I received from Coffee Time Romance or the 4.75 I got from Night Owl Romance (2 obviously very smart reviewers there...) But I'm very happy with it. Heck, they gave one of my favorite books Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin 3 stars too, so I think that puts me in some pretty illustrious company. But what cracked me up the most about Mel's dream was how it coincided with this tidbit from the RT review:

The first novel in Geraci's Bunco Babes series really enforces the importance of friendship between women, despite a somewhat fatuous title. Kitty, the heroine, is not the most complex character, but she shows heart and sensitivity.

I admit I had to look up the word "fatuous." I had a rough idea of what it meant, but I needed a (cough) reminder. Here's what said:

FATUOUS /ˈfætʃuəs/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [fach-oo-uhs] Show IPA
foolish or inane, esp. in an unconscious, complacent manner; silly.
unreal; illusory.

Louisa wondered what RT would have made of the book's original title, The Church of Bunco.And I can only imagine what they would have made of Bunco Babes Go Mowing.

I have to admit that title is growing on me.

I'm seeing lawn boys. Lots of bare-chested, well-muscled, sweaty lawn boys. Now I just need a plot...


Mel Francis said...

I believe Bunco Babes Go Mowing is an automatic bestselling title.

Maria Geraci said...

I'm starting to believe...

Kristen Painter said...

What's fatuous about Bunco Babes Tell All? Those RT reviewers leave a lot to be desired, me thinks.

For the mowing book, will there be a riding mower love scene?

Kate Pearce said...

RT reviewers are like the Russian judge at the ice dancing contest at the Olympics-there's a hidden agenda-I haven't worked it out myself yet which is why my reviews from them have meandered from a 2 to a 4 and a few 3's thrown in along the way.
It's a good review!

Maria Geraci said...

Thanks again for the link, Kate!

And Kristen, with a book named Bunco Babes Go Mowing, there definitely has to be a riding mower lawn scene. Maybe even 2.

Lucy said...

That's funny. And I would definitely pick up a book titled Bunco Babes go Mowing. :)


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