Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'd like to give the world a book

And keep it company... Okay, channeling an old Coke ad there, but honestly, If I could give everyone in the world a free copy of my book, I would. There's no bigger rush than knowing that people are out there reading your stories. Even if someone doesn't like the book (who is that? I want names!) there's such a feeling of... I don't know, awesomeness (for lack of a better word) that you've created something that another person will take the time out of their busy lives to read. And hopefully enjoy. Unfortunately, I can't give everyone a free book, but I can still give away a few free books. Today I'm guest blogging over at A Book Blogger's Diary. Go read my "What kind of Girl are you?" post, leave a comment, and you might win an autographed copy of Bunco Babes Gone Wild.

Which... brings me to this awesome review from Dolce-Dolce:

Bunco Babes Gone Wild by Maria Geraci is a tale of female friendship, sisterly love, romance, and rivalry. Bunco is a dice game that gives some women a reason to get together to share a few drinks, snacks, gossip and bond. Some groups raise money for charity. From what I hear, a good time is had by all. I first heard of it in the 80's when it was something of a craze. I have never been, but its adherents are ardent.

Georgia, a successful business woman comes to visit her Bunco-playing sister and escape her rocky office romance. Once there she is drawn into her Bunco playing sister’s social circle, business problems, and a compelling new relationship. If you are looking for romance with plenty of female bonding on the side, this steamy tale will be right up your alley. Maria Geraci writes with a contemporary voice that captures the angst of modern sexual politics and female rivalries in a light romance. All set against a background of sun and fun in Florida.

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