Sunday, November 01, 2009


Before I tell you that there's only 2 days left till Bunco Babes Gone Wild comes out, I want to share news about the winner of my Which Bunco Babe are you? Contest. Yep, there's a winner! Congratulations to Pat G from New Jersey. Pat won a $50 gift card to Borders plus an autographed book. I had so much fun running this contest! Thank you to everyone who participated. By the way, Pat's a SHEA.

Here's the rundown:

Shea's of the world: 56%
Kittys: 33%
Pilars: 11%

I'm a Kitty. Just in case you're wondering or anything...

On another note. I had a fantastic Halloween last night! I made 2 recipes from the Pioneer Woman cookbook (will post on them later next week), watched college football, wrote some, had a lovely dinner (eating those awesome PW recipes) then sat out on my front porch with Mike Geraci and gave out candy. I'm not sure how many Trick or Treaters we had, but I would guess at least 150 kids came to our house. Here's some pics of the cutest trick or treaters ever (they were looking for bones, btw)

Tuffles, who would not hold still on the ground for a photo was dressed as a pumpkin. Alas, her Snow White costume did not fit. Even the small was too big for her. She kept tripping on her wig, so we decided to put everyone out of their misery and put her back in her pumpkin garb. Here she is being held by Mike Geraci (only time she was not barking at the kids. Bad Truffles! We had to put her back in the house after about 10 minutes of hyper freakdom on her part).

This is Sweet Tea. And believe me, she lives up to her name! She belongs to my mother-in-law who is here visiting this week. Sweet Tea is dressed as a witch. She sat on the porch with us for a long time, getting petted by the children who came up to the door. See, Truffles? Being good gets you held and petted. Plus let's you sit in on all the action. Just sayin' for next year....

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