Thursday, September 22, 2005

Honesty, the best policy?

OK, I'm a huge Survivor fan. I've watched the show ever since Richard Hatch bared his nalgas for all of America to enjoy (at least 10% of America to enjoy, but I suspect that percentage is slightly higher. Not that there's anything wrong with that)

This season one of the players is a retired NFL quarterback. Gary something. I think he played for the Cowboys. Anyhoo, he's lied to his fellow tribemates and told them he's a landscaper. He thinks if his tribe knows he used to be a pro football player, his nalgas will get voted off first.

Tonight, a member of the opposing team outed him. When his tribe confronted him, he denied it. Of course, the truth will come out in the end. The editing suggests that this particular little plot line will pay off with some big drama in a future episode. I certainly hope so, because so far this season is a snoozer.


Mel Francis said...

I'm not reading...I'm not reading...I'm not reading!

I haven't watched yet...I'm not reading!

MariaGeraci said...

LOL, you're not?

Lisa Stone Hardt said...

Nice blog, Maria! :-)

Good luck in American Title II!!!

MarlyMathews said...

Welcome to the blogging community, Maria!


MariaGeraci said...

Thanks Lisa and Marly!

Kristen said...

Looks very nice. Love your take on Survivor.

Congrats on American Title.

you know me as wolfie. ;)

Kate Pearce said...

Hi Maria
Congratulations on your final in the RT contest and welcome to the world of your second blog!
At least you've got the same name on both-I have naughty kate to deal with as well!(sigh)

MariaGeraci said...

Thanks Wolfie and Naughty Kate!

Which gets me to thinking... I wonder if I need a secret code name?

Terri Garey said...

Very nice blog, Maria! Mel did a great job - what a pal...

Yep, I think Gary Hogeboom (or whatever :)), made a big mistake by not telling the truth when he was 'outed'... it'll come back to bite him in the nalgas when they find out how he's lied to them all.

Congratulations on the American Title final, and good luck!

MariaGeraci said...

Thanks, Terri!

Mel is a doll, isn't she?

As for Gary H, I can't wait to see the looks on his fellow tribemates' faces when that little secret comes out!

Mel Francis said...

I think he made a mistake by not owning up to it when asked. He had the perfect out. "Yes, I was in the NFL 15 years ago. I'm a landscaper now."

MariaGeraci said...

yeah, if he makes it to the end, that little lie will definitely bit him in the nalgas.

Hey! Are you giving me the finger?


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