Thursday, September 29, 2005

Suvivor Update

Tonight was Brianna's turn to go. Not that she didn't deserve it. She let her team down during the very exciting Mayan basketball game (the best part of tonight's show).

But did you hear Jamie's reason for voting her out? "I like my girls crazy and pretty, and she's neither." Uhm, are YOU crazy, Jamie? I think I smell sour grapes there, buddy. First off, she's not your girl, and secondly, what does crazy and pretty have to do with contributing to the team? I did like you, Jamie. Until tonight. But you're still cute. Good thing I like my survivor guys hunky and dumb.

The rest of the show was fairly ho-hum. Danni(who looks a lot like my friend Angie) is starting to give Stephenie a little competition in the tough girl role. And frankly, I'm glad. Stephenie is beginning to grate on my nerves. How many more times do we have to hear her complain about being on the loser team? And did anyone else notice that Rafe's and Brian's voices keep getting higher with each episode? If there was any glass on the island, it'd be shattered by now.

Episode favorites: Judd and Brandon (they're like Dumb and Dumber, only dumberer) I hope they stick around awhile, cuz these guys are entertaining and I like the money to go to someone who keeps me watching.

Episode duds: Lydia and Jamie. Lydia impressed me last week, but that's over. She'll have to do some sort of Mayan voodoo to turn me around now. But if Jamie would just keep his mouth shut and his shirt off, I can easily be won back:)

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Mel Francis said...

Your assessment was close, Maria. Oh so close...


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