Monday, February 06, 2006

Round 3 Voting is over

and I can't tell if I made it to the next round of the American Title II contest until February 20th, so stay tuned.

But doesn't my book look nice? LOL! This is from a fun website that my fellow RWA Online chaptermate Terri Garey recommended. Terri has her first book coming out this year titled "Dead Girls are Easy". It promises to be a fantastic book and I can't wait to read it.

Thank you to my friends and family for all the wonderful support you've given me through this contest. It means a lot to me!


Janice Lynn said...

Maria, Terri's book is awesome & she's one of the most talented writers I know!!! Didn't realize she was a chapter mate of yours.

Ellen said...

Love the cover! What a fun thing do do.

I hope you made the next round! I've loved your entries so far.

You and Mel roped me into Bachelor Paris last night--darn it! I ran from TV to TV because it was on at the same time as my beloved Zags (Gonzaga U. basketball). I have some very strong opinions on who Travis should pick and NOT pick.

MariaGeraci said...

Okay, Ellen, you've hooked me! Who should Travis pick? I've thought Sarah from Tennessee is the best pick for awhile now, as evidenced by my post on the subject!

I'm liking Moana more than I did at first. I think she genuinely has feelings for Travis, but she's too unstable. She's gone from being a hardass to crying over her "love" for him on national tv. It just doesnt make sense to me. And her family! OMG. With a family like that, who needs enemies. And Susan is just plain fake, fake, fake. Even her parents called her out on that!

MariaGeraci said...

Oh, and thanks for the kind words about the contest, Ellen!

Ellen said...

Susan is so phoney it makes me want to hurl. She even admitted to her dad that acting in L.A. is her most important goal and she'll do whatever she has to in order to make that happen. So, we see previews of her saying "Travis, I'm in love with you!" ARGH! Even her parents don't believe her. She seems so shallow to me. And yet, he DROOLS over her. Please, Travis! Get a clue, quick!

Moana is beautiful. I didn't see any previous episodes, but she seems too Calif. beach girl to me. And her family--as you say, yikes! She seems too . . . mood swingy.

My pick would also be Sarah from TN. She's confident, intelligent, fun, good sense of humor, loves sports, etc...--perfect match for him in every way. Except . . . he doesn't drool over her, which is a concern. And, he wants to move to Colorado and she doesn't want to leave. What to do, what to do . . .

Wow--all you wanted to know and plus a bunch you didn't! LOL. Sorry for the long post.

Mel Francis said...

I think he's going to pick Sarah from TN but I don't like her. They both need someone with a little life in them. Travis is boring; he needs fun. Sarah is not fun. She's BORING. I don't think he'll pick Moana, but I do think he has feelings for her.

And I don't think she's unstable. I think her family is nuts and that she has built a wall so strong around her because of them. I think she broke up in the video because she was so relieved he didn't just say, "Sorry chick. You're family is nuts. I'm outta here." That's probably happened to her on more than one occasion.

Bless her heart.

Ellen said...

Mel, I did feel a bit sorry for Moana, but I can't see them together either. BTW, I like your southern sensibilites: "bless her heart." :)

And . . . what do you think of Susan? Do you it's an act?

I can NOT believe I've been sucked into this show! LOL.

Terri said...

Maria, love the mock cover! It's fun to make 'em, isn't it? You and Janice are both sweet to plug Dead Girls Are Easy like that. :-)

I read your latest post, and I'm really sorry about your grandmother. Hope your 'writer's retreat' is a blast! Did Mel bring her boa?

MariaGeraci said...

No, Mel did not bring her boa. Just her fabulous self!


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