Saturday, July 22, 2006

30 days and Counting...

In exactly 24 hours, I 'll be leaving for Atlanta! But there's still so much to do.

Beginning with dropping off the nephew. Keeping with our annual summer ritual, my sister and I keep each other's boys for a week. This was my week to keep Jonathan and it's been great. I love him to death--even though he and Kevin have stayed up every night playing XBox and sleeping during the day like a couple of video game vampires. They did, however, see enough sunlight to get in 3 rounds of golf. Other than that, it's mainly been a orgy of round-the-clock eating and playing. 15 year olds. You gotta love em.

So I'll start off my day by doing some laundry, then meeting my sister halfway to Orlando which means a 2 hour drive to Gainesville (or home to the University of Florida Gators) yuck.

After I drive the 2 hour trek back, I'll do some more laundry. Then I'll pick up groceries for a week.

Then maybe get in a couple more loads of laundry.

Then comes the hard part. Figuring out what to wear for Nationals. Or rather, finding what fits to wear for Nationals. Unfortunately, I haven't been as good a girl as Mel has been. Then once I do that, I have to pack. And somewhere in between all this, I'm on call at the hospital from 7pm-11pm tonight. Not so bad considering it's only 4 hours, but it's been so damn busy I can only hope I escape my call without having to go into work. Not that I don't love birthin babies, but I'm on vacation, for freaks sake! How did I get stuck taking call during my vacation???

The good news is this: In order to pack for Atlanta, I am now forced to unpack the suitcase that has been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for approximately 30 days since our Acapulco trip.

My husband is absolutely thrilled.

Of course, the suitcase countdown will begin all over again when I get back from Atlanta. He he.


Mel Francis said...

see you tomorrow, baby!

Anonymous said...

Will watch your driveway for suspicious car-linking activity-- but mostly for your next exciting plot! Have a great trip--

Your neighbor

MariaGeraci said...

Oh no, now the neighbors are watching me. I guess as long as I don't have the dining room light fixture hanging off the mailbox, I'll be okay... (that story to come later)

Monica Burns said...

Can't wait to see you and Mel. I owe both of you congrat hugs for your successes this past year!! Was feeling down on Friday from a rejection. But you know me, I always manage to bounce back. Now I'm mad as hell and determined to prove their wrong!

Have fun packing, I'm now in panic mode.Because they're are CDs to burn, brochures to print, packing to do and only 28 hours left before departure.

erin said...

Well Maria, you needn't have worried about your call. Us weekend gals had it handled. :-) By now you are in Romance Heaven, so I hope you have a blast and come back inspired!


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