Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Finding the time to write... or Day 8 and counting

I still haven't unpacked the vacation suitcase. I told you. It's a mental block. I did, however, reorganize my entire kitchen and clean my garage over the holiday weekend. Which left me little or no time to write. It seems that the suitcase and the writing are both in limbo.

That will be taken care of tomorrow, thank you. I've gone 4 whole days without writing and it just feels wrong. Like I haven't brushed my teeth or something. Recently, on the RWA PRO loops, a question was asked: If you knew that you would never, ever sell, would you continue to write? Several people answered no. They wouldn't. Some said they would continue to write, but without the fervor they put into it now. I didn't formally answer on the loop, but I will here. My answer isn't simply a yes, it's a Hell, yes! Even if it's only for 30 minutes, I have to keep on going forward. Keep writing until the story that's taken over my head is down on paper.

And speaking of stories that take over your head, I just finished Welcome to Temptation. It's Mel's favorite Crusie book and I can see why. Wow. I love the characters. Especially that yummy Phin. He's going to be in my head for a long, long time.


Lucy said...

But would you write with the fervor you write with now (current break notwithstanding)?

Is Welcome to Temptation a continuation (of sorts) of Faking It (which I read this weekend)?

Ellen said...

I'd still write--though it might be in a different genre.

L--Welcome to Temptation (great book btw) is the predecessor to Faking it. Davy, who is the hero in FI, is first introduced in WTT, because his sister is the heroine in that one.

Maria, don't worry about not writing for a few days. Like the suitcase, things will eventually fall back into place. :)

Mel Francis said...

mmmmm phin.

gimme some of that.

MariaGeraci said...

Good question about the fervor, Lucy. I would hope I do everything in life with lots of passion and fervor, but who knows? :))

And I'm already back to writing, Ellen. I wrote 22 pages the same day I posted that! Of course, it's all total crap, but I'm really trying to do the rough draft thing. Of course, I've tried the rough draft thing before, only to fall down a few days later and go back to my obsessive editing ways.

Louisa Edwards said...

Read FAKING IT! It's better! (in case no one answered the above question, WELCOME TO TEMPTATION is actually the first book of this little duology)

xoxox, L

MariaGeraci said...

Hey, blogless one!
I loved Faking It. It was my first Crusie. I'd be really hard pressed to pick a favorite though...


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