Monday, July 17, 2006

Countdown to Atlanta

Gina and I in Reno last year.

In one week, I'll be in Atlanta, attending RWA's national conference. I can't wait! If you want to see what it takes to get ready for Nationals, go check out my post on the Title Wave blog.

Here's a few more pics from last year's conference in Reno.

Mel and I in front of the Mex-Tex Restaurant. How come she looks taller than me??

Kate and I. From the look on our faces, we must be talking about her books. whew!

Yeah, I wish!


Mel Francis said...

Great. Pictures....

I'm going to start my countdown to Atlanta today, too!!!

Ellen said...

Love the pictures! I figure I should probably post one of me somewhere so folks aren't shocked when they see I do NOT look like Audrey Hepburn. At all. LOL. Can't wait for Atlanta!

I love how you slipped Clive Owen in there. :)

MariaGeraci said...

Ooh ! Can't wait to meet you, Ellen. And as for Clive, hey, maybe he might show up in Atlanta. You never know...

Lucy said...

Last year a picture was taken of me at the Moonlight Madness. I SO wish I had a copy of that picture! Dawn Temple (remember that name, she's sold so in a few months you'll want to know that name) wanted a picture with me (why I don't know). I was trying to avoid it and she said that THAT picture would be her "lesbian" picture (neither of us are...not that there's anything wrong with that). Laura Drewry just happened to be walking past as she said that and the look on Laura's face made me bust out laughing - just as the picture was snapped.

Oh, great pictures by the way. :-)

Kate Pearce said...

Great pictures! What exactly were we talking about Maria? I don't remember but it looks like we were having a great time!
so looking forward to seeing you all again!
Then again I don't remember Clive Owen veing there either...I do remember the waiter completely ignoring me because I sat next to Mel when she was wearing the dress...

Gina Black said... did you miss Clive? He was one of the highlights (after Mel's tiara and boa).

MariaGeraci said...

You crack me up!

Whatever we were talking about, I'm sure it was naughty. Otherwise, why would we look so guilty?


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