Thursday, July 06, 2006

Talk about Firecrackers...

Woo hoo! Two of my friends had new book releases this 4th of July. W riting YA (Young Adult) as Caridad Ferrer, my friend Barbara Ferrer saw her very first book come out on Independence Day! It's a smart, funny book about a Cuban American teenager who enters a Latin style American Idol contest causing her to come to grips with her identity, titled Adios to My Old Life. Isn't it a gorgeous cover?

(Hey, I'm am a Cuban-American... now why didn't I think of that?)

Probably because I have no musical ability whatsoever, and Barb has tons. She was actually a Marching Chief (he he, gotta love those Seminoles!) I'm getting copies for my mom, my daughters and anyone else that I can think of. It's guaranteed to be a great read!

And speaking of great reads, just one look at the cover to Planet Mail and you know you're in for something hot hot hot. I actually had the privilege of reading this in its first draft, and let me tell you, you won't be able to put it down! This is Kate Pearce's 2nd book for Ellora's Cave and it's a real page turner. Think intergalactic Vikings and lots of sex.

(Hey, I've seen Star Trek and I've had sex before... now why didn't I think of that?)

Okay, well all I can say in my defense is that I don't have half the imagination that Kate does! And no, I won't be giving this book to my daughters. Not yet, anyway. But I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, funny, ultra sexy read. This book will not disappoint!


Mel Francis said...

Will be ordering both of these books on Monday! Can't WAIT!!!!

Kate Pearce said...

Thanks Maria and big congrats to Barb too! Now just don't get the books mixed up when you distribute them!!

MariaGeraci said...

LOL! Yeah, good advice, Kate!

Barb said...

Thanks for the shoutout Maria and of course, congrats to Kate and her yummy intergalactic Vikings. (I did get that right, right?)

And Kate's right-- do NOT get them mixed up! LOL

Ellen said...

I ordered Kate's the other day, and I finally nabbed Barb's through cyber-signing tonight. Yay!

Now--no more book posts before the big trip! I've got to save my pennies. LOL. :)

MariaGeraci said...

LOL! I know what you mean, Ellen. I have a fortune in books!


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