Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brad, will you please shave now?

Way back when the powers that be decided to make Brad Womack the next Bachelor (again) I knew it was a big boo boo. I've never been a fan of Bachelor Brad and it wasn't because he didn't pick anyone the first time. It's because he's a big snooze fest. Plus, I just don't think he's all that.

But as usual, I got sucked into the show again. There were moments I almost liked Brad. Like when he was sitting on the couch talking to his "counselor" about his commitment issues. It's difficult to be the straight man in a comedy routine, but Brad can actually pull off looking semi-serious while talking utter nonsense.

Then there was the final show and he picked Emily (who I like, but let's get real. WHY did she come on The Bachelor to begin with??) I just got a chance to watch the finale and all I can say is that Brad is one big ass. The way he went off on Emily when she questioned whether or not he'd be there for her and her daughter (very legitimate concerns) should have been Emily's first big warning sign. I wanted to yell "Run away, Emily!" but of course, this was already taped months ago so it wouldn't have done any good.

Then there was the After the Rose show, where we learn Brad has a "temper" and Emily can't get over her jealousy of seeing Brad kiss his way through 24 other Bachelorettes.

Is it really so hard to cast this show with a nice looking guy with a rockin' personality who legitimately wants to find love? Or are they an extinct species?

Oh, and by the way. Brad, please shave. The on-purpose-two-day-old five o'clock shadow thing is getting old. It was cool about a gazillion years ago when Don Johnson was sporting it on Miami Vice. But it's just not so sexy anymore. Unless you are Matt Bomer.


Lucy said...

I wasn't watching the show during his first run. Although I did watch the last few minutes of the finale to see that he didn't pick anyone. And I boycotted this season, only watching The Women Tell All and the After the Final Rose shows. Just from those two episodes, I don't think they'll be one of the couples that last.

Mel Francis said...

I actually liked that he didn't pick anyone because I thought it was better to let them both down than to pick someone just because you were expected to...

HOWEVER, he's a shmuck. Boring and dull and just this side of stupid. Not a big fan, so I certainly didn't bother watching this season. And as much as I'm a fan of the 5 o'clock shadow, I agree with you, he needs to shave it...big time!

Maria Geraci said...

Lucy, I guarantee you these 2 won't make it!

Mel, Shmuck is putting it lightly. The 5 o'clock shadow is only sexy when it's really the 5 o'clock shadow. Done on "purpose" it smacks of vanity and desperation.


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