Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Save All My Children

ABC is thinking of cancelling All My Children. Here's the article that almost made me spew my coffee this morning.

For years, I was a huge AMC fan. I watched it in college, watched it after I got married, when I had babies, etc. If I was gone for the day, I videotaped the episodes (obviously this was before the greatest invention ever, the DVR).

I admit, I haven't watched the show in a long long time. Every once in a while I would watch an episode just for kicks and be thrilled when I saw one of the regular oldies, like Erica or Tad or Adam. But even though I didn't watch the show anymore, I knew it was there. Waiting for me to come home to some day. Now, that some day might be gone and I'm bummed. Really really bummed. I'm going right now to program the show into my DVR. If you've ever been a fan of the show, consider doing this too. Maybe it's not to late to save AMC!


Tiffany said...

LOL.. I love the first line...

Lucy said...

AMC is the only soap I watch. A friend had told me they were thinking of cancelling so I did a search for articles. The one I read said that the same rumors were out there in 2009 so I'm choosing to believe that's all this is now - a rumor. Of course there was another article out there saying AMC didn't deny the rumor. In any event, here's hoping it stays on!


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