Friday, March 25, 2011

Lovely Review

After a week in which I've been down with the stomach crud, I'm happy to say that I'm finally on the mend. I'm going to my hometown of Melbourne this afternoon to pay a much overdue visit to my parents, and of course to visit my new "brother" Paco. Paco is a 4 month old Miniature Schnauzer. Very cute. I've only seen him once and I'm sure he's grown since February. I'm also planning to catch a STAR meeting (Space Coast Romance Writers of America). Can't wait to see what they have lined up.

On the home front, I received a very lovely review for Boyfriend from A Cozy Readers Corner (click to read the whole review).

"Ms. Geraci’s writing is easy to read and follow. I enjoyed the laid back approach I was able to take in reading this book. It reminded me of the many reasons I enjoy chick-lit and fiction as a whole. "

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Tonya Kappes said...

Great review! I love those! I'm so glad you are much better. It seems like we went from strep throat, to flu, and now stomach virus in our house. This weather isn't helping either. Yesterday 67 degrees, today 31 degrees and two inches of snow....
Have fun visiting with your family and new bro Paco. I have two mini schnauzers and I LOVE LOVE them!


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