Thursday, January 05, 2006

American Title 2 Contest Marches On

Round 2 of the American Title II Contest is now over. This was a particularly grueling round. Not only did it take place during the busy holiday season, but this time, 3 finalists were eliminated. Plus, we didn't find out the results of the votes on the scheduled day due to a glitch in the holiday calendar, adding to the already extensive nail biting going on by all the finalists. I can't post the results , but I can truly say it was a sad day for all of us.

Although there are definitely some negatives to this contest, there are a whole lot more positives. One of us will definitely get published by Dorchester. Perhaps even more than one of us. I've learned a lot about self-promotion. I've made new writing friends that I hope to cheer on as we all get published one day. But the best part of this contest is the enormous support my family and friends have shown me. Their belief in me, and in my writing has touched me in ways I can never express.

Round 3 begins January 23 and will feature Best Story Summary. You'll have to wait till then to see if The War Bride made it.

I'm looking forward to reading all the summaries. I'm betting the competition will be awesome!


Ellen said...

I almost don't want to see the results, Maria. Voting has been really difficult, because you want your friends to ALL win and each contestant has awesome entries.

For those who didn't move on to the next round--you're still winners in every sense of the word. :)

For those still in it--best of luck!

Kate Pearce said...

Whatever happens you have written a fabulous book! Good luck!

MariaGeraci said...

Thanks, for your good wishes! I truly appreciate them!

Annette Blount said...

Hi Maria, Somehow I managed to miss the second vote, but I am so happy to hear that you're still in there! I'm an avid reader of the same kind of novels your mom likes and we often share. Your book sounds facinating, and I can't wait to see it in Barnes and Nobel! Of course, I'll have to have a "signed copy!" Good luck, sweetie! Frank and I wish you the best!


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